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How the NRM Register Update went on in other places.



In several other areas across the country, the exercise was generally a fair one, with the turnout summed up as optimal as ONC Coordinators and NRM mobilisers anticipate more people expected to turn up in the coming days.

In Wakiso for example, Mr. Luzinda Henry, the ONC coordinator says the main challenge they faced on the first was poor sensitization and cooperation with some LC 1 chairpersons. He, however, remains hopeful that with more sensitization to the grassroots, the party will double its membership further calling upon all NRM members in Wakiso and other areas countrywide to to mobilize and encourage as many people as possible to come and register for this important exercise.

“The registration process will continue in the remaining four days, so let’s all work together to make it a success. Let’s not let poor sensitization or lack of cooperation hinder us from achieving our goal. This is our chance to make a difference and have a say in the future of our district and country.” Luzinda said while addressing leaders in Busukuma, Wakiso District.

In the same vein, the ONC Coordinator for Nansana Municipality Mr Happy John Bagenda used the same opportunity to highlight the importance of the registration exercise noting that it is crucial for the upcoming elections.

”This process ensures that all eligible voters are accounted for and can exercise their right to vote. It also allows for a more accurate representation of the NRM Members in the electoral process. This is a reminder to all NRM members and citizens of Wakiso to take part in this exercise and not miss this opportunity to have their voices heard in the democratic process,” Mr John Bagenda said.

“As a district, we must come together and ensure that every eligible individual is registered and included in the upcoming party elections,” he added.

In Greater Mbarara Regions’ Ntungamo District, where the first Janet Museveni is the NRM District Chairperson, Dr Tanga Odoi, the overall supervisor of the exercise witnessed a massive turnup for the exercise, with the bigwigs in the western district including RDCs, LC5 Chairperson, MPs all showing up to have their details updated.

The ONC Coordinator for Ntungamo Ms Birungi Winnie and Muzukulu Coordinator Ms Nsimenta Shallon also joined the NRM supporters in successfully updating their details in the NRM Yellow Book at Kyamate Cell, Kyamate Ward, in Ntungamo Municipality.

ONC Coordinator for Ntungamo Ms Birungi Winnie (Centre) updating her details in the NRM Yellow Book at Kyamate Cell, Kyamate Ward, in Ntungamo Municipality.
In Ibanda District however, particularly Kagongo Division, Kyaruhanga Ward KYEERETA Cell, the ONC District Coordinator Mr Mukwatsibwe Moses and Mr Abaine Benon, Muzukulu coordinator Greater Mbarara found no Registrar at the registration point, with the team registering a very low turn up in almost 10 villages reached out by Wednesday afternoon.

In Katakwi District, Vice President, H.E Maj (Rtd) Jessica Alupo who also doubles as the Chairperson Katakwi NRM Veterans League also updated her details in the ongoing at Oigo Imomwa Village, Aketa Parish, Ongongoja Sub County, Katakwi District on Wednesday afternoon, where she rallied the masses to embrace the exercise ahead of the forthcoming electoral activities in the party and the country at large.
NRM National Treasurer Hon. Amb. Nekesa Barbara Oundo, who also updated her membership in Busia district, emphasized the vital importance of the process. “We will use the same register for our structure elections shortly,” she remarked.

Oundo appealed to members to ensure their details were accurately captured, stressing alignment with the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA)’s records.

“I urge everyone to utilize these five days to crosscheck their details in the NRM membership register,” she urged. “Remember, this is not a voter’s register but a register for party faithful aged 16 and above. Let’s approach this as a collective responsibility, with everyone playing a vigilant role,” she said.

The NRM Register Update exercise which runs until Sunday, March 17 is aimed at updating details of the ruling party and registering new members in all villages across the country ahead of the 2026 general Elections.

The party expects to register an estimated number of between 17 million to 20 million members who will see NRM winning the 2026 elections. 

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Ntoroko Edges Kyaka in Thrilling Tooro Kingdom MTN Masaza Cup




Agripping showdown at the Humura playground in Kyegegwa district, Ntoroko County FC
secured a narrow 1-0 victory over Kyaka County FC, knocking them out of the Tooro Kingdom
MTN Masaza Cup. Kaswara Ason's decisive 34th-minute goal, the only score in an entertaining
game filled with missed opportunities, sealed Kyaka’s fate in the tournament.
Kyaka FC started the match on a strong note, with Frank Asiimwe showcasing his skills early
on. His solo run in the opening moments set the stage for multiple chances, though none found
the back of the net. Despite their spirited performance, Kyaka couldn't convert their dominance
into goals.
The game, played under challenging weather conditions due to a heavy downpour, saw
moments of high drama. Thomas Mugisa, making his tournament debut, posed a constant
threat. His appeals for a penalty in the 81st minute after a challenge from Ntoroko defender
Michael Bwamble were, however, waved away by the referee, adding to Kyaka’s frustrations as
they hunted for an equalizer.
Ntoroko's victory ensured their spot in the semifinals, joining Burahya, who also advanced as
the best losers of the group stage. Ntoroko County Member of Parliament, Gerald Rwemulikya,
praised his team for their resilience and performance. "Kyaka was at home and they created
many chances. This was our first time playing at Humura playground, but we managed to get a
well-deserved win. I want to congratulate my players and wish them luck in the next stage,"
Rwemulikya said.
Elsewhere in the tournament, Kyaka County became the fourth team to be eliminated, following
Kitagwenda, Kibaale, and Mwenge North. Their exit left the Kyaka county supporters in silence,
contemplating what might have been.
Tooro Kingdom's sports minister, Wandera Michael Enganjani, highlighted the broader
significance of the annual sports tournaments. "These tournaments are meant to promote
talents and fight against HIV/AIDS, which is very high in Fort Portal according to a Uganda AIDS
Commission survey," he said. Enganjani commended MTN Uganda for their continuous support
and promised unwavering cooperation in future events.
Aggrey Byaruhanga, MTN's regional marketing officer, reiterated the importance of health and
safety among the participants and supporters. "I appeal to Tooro Kingdom subjects to continue
testing for HIV and using condoms if they cannot abstain," Byaruhanga stated.
Looking ahead, the Tooro Kingdom MTN Masaza Cup will feature a clash between Fort Portal
City and Bunyangabu County next Sunday at the King Oyo Sports Complex in Bukwali at 3 PM.
The Tooro Kingdom MTN Masaza Cup continues to deliver thrilling football action, with
community engagement and health awareness being vital components of the event's mission.

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Huawei provides a preferred hybrid cloud to accelerate industry intelligence for Africa




[Johannesburg, South Africa] Huawei recently announced the launch of its Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3
offering at the Huawei Africa Connect 2024 conference in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The launch of the offering was announced in a keynote speech delivered by Hu Yuhai, Vice President
of Huawei Hybrid Cloud. Titled, "Leap to Cloud to Accelerate Industrial Intelligence", the speech also
saw Hu provide details on how Huawei Cloud Stack provides trusted cloud infrastructure, innovative
cloud service abilities and extensive industry know-how to help government and enterprise
customers in Africa accelerate cloud adoption.

In line with this, Huawei Cloud has ramped up investments in Africa to support the continent's
development into an intelligent digital hub. The journey began in 2018, with the launch of Africa's
first public cloud region of Huawei Cloud in Johannesburg, South Africa. This was followed by a
significant expansion in June, 2024, with the launch of Northern Africa's first public cloud region of
Huawei Cloud in Cairo, Egypt. Huawei Cloud has been recognised as one of the fastest-growing cloud
providers in the world.

"Huawei Cloud strives to be the preferred cloud for intelligent transformation,” said Hu. As per our
mission statement of being, ‘In Africa, For Africa’, we are ready to work alongside our customers and
partners with better technologies, industry solutions, and ecosystem resources."

Press Release

Hu Yuhai, Vice President of Huawei Hybrid Cloud

Huawei’s expanded cloud activity reflects the fact that government and enterprise customers in
Africa are keen to embrace intelligent and digital transformation. Huawei Cloud is dedicated to
offering an industry-leading hybrid cloud solution, empowering customers to spark cloud innovation.
Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3 boasts a wide array of enhanced cloud services and features to provide a
trusted, more resilient cloud native foundation. It boosts innovation in the following key areas and
making new technologies locally available as fast as possible:
 Trusted cloud infrastructure: Huawei has continuously invested in foundational software and
hardware technologies alike, has established secure, reliable, and open cloud native infrastructure,
and provides green, low-carbon IT hardware and data center infrastructure. Huawei aims to lay a
robust foundation for digital transformation in Africa.
 Innovative cloud service abilities: Huawei leverages data and AI technologies to provide
numerous cloud services, aiming to help customers unleash the value of data and enhance data
 Extensive industry know-how: Huawei provides a series of professional services, covering
high-level design, service planning, implementation, and deliveries, based on robust experience from
numerous global projects. Huawei looks to work with more industry partners to help customers
accelerate intelligent and digital transformation.

In Africa, For Africa: Huawei Cloud Stack accelerates industry intelligence for Africa with three

During the conference, Huawei also held its "Leap2Cloud"event, which attracted more than 300
enterprise executives and IDC experts customers from diverse sectors like government, finance,
transportation, and energy in Sub-Saharan Africa. They came together to share their insights and
collaboratively explore pathways for a leap to the cloud.

During the event, Bai Yan, Vice President of Huawei Cloud for the Southern Africa Region, delivered a
keynote speech titled, "Huawei Cloud Stack, the Preferred Cloud for Africa Industry Digitalisation."

"As industry customers drive forward with cloud adoption and intelligent transformation, they
encountered certain challenges, such as unforeseen issues with submarine optical cables, inefficient
methods of acquiring cloud resources, and concerns over data sovereignty,” he said. “Huawei Cloud
Stack helps them address these challenges with three strengths. It provides on-premised, reliable

Press Release

and secure cloud infrastructure, as well as offers an extensive suite of over 110 cloud
services—unmatched in the industry—alongside a diversified partner ecosystem. All these are
designed to help government and enterprise customers in Africa accelerate industry intelligence."

Bai Yan, Vice President of Huawei Cloud for the Sub-Saharan Africa Region

Huawei Cloud is eager to enhance cooperation with industry customers and partners to develop
scenario-specific solutions tailored to industry needs in Africa and create a thriving local digital
ecosystem together.

"Digital transformation is currently experiencing an exponential growth,” said Xiao Yi, President of
Huawei Cloud’s Global Ecosystem Solution Department. “We are stepping into the era of intelligence.
Huawei Cloud looks forward to joining hands with African partners to build a new foundation for an
intelligent world, develop digital solutions, and reshape industries with intelligence."

Press Release

Xiao Yi, President of Huawei Cloud Global Ecosystem Solution Dept

With innovative technologies and a vast array of industry-specific solutions, Huawei Cloud Stack
currently serves more than 5,500 government and enterprise customers around the world, leading
multiple markets, such as the hybrid cloud markets in China and the emerging Asia-Pacific region.

Moving forward, Huawei Cloud will continue to spur innovation, expand industry know-how, and
develop more customer-centric services to help more African customers move to, use, and manage
the cloud better. Huawei Cloud looks forward to joining hands with more African customers to
unlock new opportunities in industry intelligence and create an intelligent future.

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St. Francis School of Health science Medics Urged to uphold Ethics and serve with Dedication
Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, the Vice Chancellor Makerere University, through  Dr. Richard Muhindo delivered a powerful message at the ninth Graduation Ceremony of St. Francis schools of health science Namataba Mukono district.
Addressing 450 Graduates who were awarded nursing and midwifery certificates, Prof. Nawangwe emphasized the sacred nature of their profession and called on the graduates to shun extortion in healthcare services.
Furthermore, Nawangwe underscored the gravity of the responsibility entrusted to healthcare practitioners, urging them to approach patient care with unwavering vigilance. He urged them to exercise caution and precision in their interactions with patients.
Lugazi Diocese Bishop emeritus Rt. Rev. Dr. Mathias Ssekamanya, the guest of honour celebrant at the ceremony, lauded the graduates for their dedication to a path dedicated to preserving lives. He urged them to remain resolute in upholding the ethical standards of the medical profession.
Bishop Ssekamanya stressed that being a healthcare worker is not merely a job, but a divine calling from God to save lives. He urged practitioners to uphold the professional commitments they made, emphasizing the unethical practice of extracting money from the sick in exchange for their services.
Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examination Board – UNMEB executive secretary Birungi Nsamba Harriet, commended the founders of the institute and urged them to maintain the quality of the graduates, Ms Birungi urged the graduates to have discipline towards the patients they treat in hospitals.
Dr. Bossa Kiwanuka, the Principal of St. Francis  School of health science Nursing and Midwifery, commended the ministry of education’s guidance to the institute at every step they take.
Bossa applauded the parents for supporting the institute by sending their daughters and sons at st. Francis in big numbers

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