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Parliamentary  division  over a proposal to buy a house family for Prof. -Mutebile,or  retaining their residence in Kololo



Parliament is divided over a proposal to buy a house or have the family of Prof. Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile, the late governor of Bank of Uganda (BoU), retain their residence in Kololo.

The Bukooli Central MP, Solomon Silwany tabled the proposal on the floor of parliament as the House debated a motion by Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, to pay tribute to the longest-serving BoU Governor.

Parliament passed a motion (with the amendment), to pay tribute to the former Governor  Mutebile

Mutebile, 72, succumbed to diabetes and related complications on January Sunday 23rd, 2022 at Nairobi Hospital in Kenya where he was admitted on December 31, 2021. The former governor has been in and out of the hospital in recent years mainly in Uganda and India due to diabetic-related sicknesses, which led to his kidney failure.

Mutebile, a seasoned economist served as Governor and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Uganda from 2001.  He had just started a new term of office following his reappointment in 2021. He previously served as secretary to the treasury from 1992 to 2001 when he was appointed governor.

In his proposal, Silwany, who doubles as a Parliamentary Commissioner suggested an amendment to Nabbanja’s motion, saying that government or BoU gets an appropriate property for the family of the late Mutebile. The late governor has been occupied his official residence in Kololo while his upcountry home is in Kabale.

“This property or home should be for the family led by the widow. It is known knowledge that the late Professor was a very honest man and by the fact that he was Governor Bank of Uganda for a very long time, as we talk today, the family may not have where to go,” said Silwany.

He explained that Mutebile did not amass a lot of wealth like other people who would take advantage of their positions like being a Governor.

When the Deputy Speaker, Anita Among asked whether the amendment by Silwany was seconded, a section of legislators from mainly the Opposition responded in the negative.

This prompted her to inform the House that she attended a vigil at the official residence of the late Governor on Wednesday in Kololo where the widow hinted on having no home.

Barnabas Tinkasimire, the Buyaga West MP then took to the floor and expressed support for Silwany’s proposal. He justified his decision, saying that he had visited the late Governor in June last year and he learnt that the Kololo home is only the official residence provided by the Central Bank.

Robinah Nabbanja, the Prime Minister said that she had taken note of the concerns by the MPs and requested parliament to allow her to consult and report back on their next course of action.

Francis Zaake, the Mityana Municipality MP rose on a procedural matter, saying that the motion by Silwany had not been supported by himself or the whole House. Among then said that the motion can be put to vote if that is what Zaake and the parliamentary commissioner want.

Medard Lubega Sseggona, the Busiro East MP proposed another amendment, saying that the government follows up as per the undertaking of the Prime Minister promise and report to back parliament in subsequent sittings on the steps taken.

In her motion, Nabbanja described Mutebile as a distinguished career and a diligent leader who immeasurably served Uganda with dedication and patriotism. She also commended Mutebile for having participated in shaping the destiny of Uganda through the modernization of Uganda’s financial sector, designing and implementing economic and fiscal reform programs that have restored Uganda’s economy.

Mathias Mpuuga, the Leader of Opposition, said that the passing of Mutebile marks an end of an era- of someone in that generation who participated in nation and institution-building from the time when over 85% of Ugandans currently in the country were not yet born.

“That distinction falls on a select few who get that rare once-only opportunity to help set up institutions during and after the birth of a nation. Dr. Mutebile was a fortunate man. He was the right man with the right credentials who rose on account of his competence that helped cushion our economy from a state of near-collapse in the early 1990s to one where our people can only try to survive on basics of life,” said Mpuuga.

He however said that the decorated economist has passed on and left behind leaders who are selling the Parish Development Model as a miracle economic transformational tool that will uplift the poor citizens from poverty to prosperity.

The Nyendo-Mukungwe MP appealed to parliament to ensure that senior citizens who have served Uganda with distinguished honor retire honorably and enjoy many more years in retirement. “This House owes our senior citizens a law that bars men and women who have reached retirement age from continued stress of public service,” Mpuuga said.

He added that the practice of seeking specialized medical care in neighboring countries is very unfair to millions of Uganda citizens who entrusted leaders with the privilege of leadership to fix the broken health system.

A national funeral service for the late Governor is scheduled for Friday at Kololo Independence Grounds followed by burial on Sunday 30th at Rugarama, Kabale.

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Fille trashes MC Kats’s wedding suggestion.




As it stands, Fille Mutoni seems to be not fully convinced to legalize bonk sessions with boo, MC Kats as she’s into something else, not wedding!

A few days ago MC Kats told whoever cared to listen during an interview that all set to walk longtime baby mama, Fille down the aisle. In a very buoyant mood, Kats confirmed that preparations for the wedding in the coming month are underway!

To spice it up, the veteran city events Master of Ceremony also informed the public that a tax will be levied on every guest who will attend.

Kats revealed that the delay in formalizing their relationship was due to their desire to achieve certain life goals before considering marriage.

“It has taken some time, but we felt it was essential to accomplish other significant milestones, such as building our homes. With God’s grace, we’ve managed to achieve some of these goals, and now it feels like the right time,” MC Kats explained.

However, Fille is not fully invested in the wedding circus! She maintains that she fancies a peaceful marriage over the wedding and actually labels taata Abbi a muyaaye who is peddling lies for intentions known to himself.

Watch the video below as Fille trashes MC Kats’ wedding talk.

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Medical schools advised to build health facilities on their premises.




After the increase in medical schools in the country which has led to the overwhelming  numbers of medical students who need medical facilities to practice from, which  hospitals are not enough to accommodate them.

The Head of Private Medical Schools and Chairman of the National Medical Schools Quality Assurance Committee Dr. John Wakida advised medical institutes to build hospitals in their schools to enable trainees to do their training  because of the shortage of the training hospitals.

He was speaking at St. Francis school of health sciences  in Namataba, Mukono district, at the celebration of St. Francis day

Dr. Wakida said they want to ensure that the country produces quality medical officers who can professionally fight the diseases that are emerging every day.

The principal St.francis school health professionals institute, Namataba of the school, Kiwanuka Bbosa, said we are now in the process of building a hospital at the school to solve the problems they have been having in getting their children to practice.

Rev. Fr. Father JC Sserwanda from Namagunga Parish who led the mass today urged students to avoid sexual acts that may land them in trouble and mess up up their education.

“Don’t be diverted by men and sugar mummies which pliz be focussed on your studies because your parents sacrifice a lot to inject money in you” Sserwadda noted.

Father Sserwadda further commended the institute administration for being focussed and put in proper usage of the money that runs the institute since its infancy stage.

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M7 meets Nexus Green Officials, discuss solar projects.




President Museveni yesterday (August 15th, 2023), met and held discussions with a delegation from Nexus Green led by their chairperson, Baroness Sandip Verma who is also the former UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development.The Nexus Green group briefed the President on the status of several projects that are ongoing in different parts of the country among which include a solar-powered irrigation, a Lopei Multipurpose Dam as well as a collaboration with the Ministry of Defence on a solar-powered project among others.

Mr Museveni in his remarks said irrigation supported by solar-powered water pumps is very crucial since it would prolong the growing time of crops in Uganda.“Instead of having two seasons we can have four seasons,” said the President.“Although we get a lot of rain, sometimes it delays but solar-powered water pumps remove all this, that is why they are very important,” he added.The president has been emphasising the use of irrigation to boost production and stabilising agriculture in the country as well as enabling the manufacturing of solar-powered water pumps to ensure the realization of both sustainable irrigation and agro-production.On her part, Baroness Sandip Verma thanked the President for his continued support to see the company yield tangible progress with some of the projects ready for commissioning.She also revealed that they are already setting up a factory that will manufacture solar-powered water pumps locally.

In their continuous bid to support green energy and E-mobility, the delegation also informed President Museveni that under their Green Hub Kampala Project, they are in a plan to start making environmentally friendly electric motorcycles that are suitable for Uganda’s terrain.In response, H.E Museveni said, “For the cars, we are making but for the bikes, you can manufacture.”The meeting between President Museveni and the delegation from Nexus Green Ltd took place at State House Entebbe.Nexus Gree Ltd is a Ugandan-based solar energy company supplying, manufacturing and delivering affordable solar-powered solutions designed for over 458 million people in East Africa.

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