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Why Fr Simon Lokodo not to be recognized by special parliamentary sitting to pay tribute



Parliament has to date still not held a special sitting to pay tribute to the late Fr Simon Lokodo, the former Ethics, and Integrity minister and Dodoth West County legislator.

Questions remain looming among the masses questioning why the House has not honored the former minister and MP who stood out for his fight against morality in society yet sittings have previously been held to honor individuals who did not serve as legislators.
According to facts unearthed and filed by the Daily Monitor newspaper, the decision to honor someone in Parliament is a reserve of the Government and not the Parliament itself.

This was noted by the Parliament director of Communications, Chris Obore.

The decision on who is honored in Parliament and is a non-member is a decision by the government and not parliament,” Obore disclosed to the mentioned paper.

Currently, the rules of the House stipulate that a body brought to the House has to be one of the sitting legislators.

“As of now, I have not yet consulted to know the issue of Fr Lokodo about what decision the government has taken. As to whether a motion will later be brought up, it’s too early for me to speculate. Sometimes, the government may decide to bring a motion later,” Obore added.

According to the Parliamentary rules of procedure, subject to the provisions of Rule 57, no motion shall be moved unless the member moving it has given written notice of the motion to the Speaker and the Clerk not less than three days to the sitting at which it is intended to move the notion.

At the time of Fr. Lokodo’s death, he was serving as one of the commissioners for the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC0 following an appointment by President Museveni. He took the oath of office in September 2021.

Our efforts to reach Dr Chris Baryomunsi, the minister for ICT and National Guidance, on the matter were futile as he did not answer our calls.

However, according to some legislators, the House has already notified them that there is a sitting for the deceased this week.

“I personally received communication from the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, that they have reserved a special sitting for the late this Tuesday (tomorrow),” Remigio Achia, the chairperson of the Karamoja Parliamentary Group noted.

At a Requiem Mass at Christ the King Church on February 8, Achia told mourners that Fr Lokodo suffered from septic shock and cardiac arrest while on national duty in Geneva, Switzerland.

He had been sent by the UHRC to review Uganda’s human rights status. The fallen legislator had also tested positive for Covid-19.

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Presidential system to be adopted by Osun.




The Chairman of the Osun State Independent Electoral Commission, OSSIEC, Hashim Abioye has once again reiterated that the presidential system of government will be adopted for the local government election in the state.

The Osun State House of Assembly in 2022 passed the OSSIEC Law, 2022 which readopted the presidential system.

The OSSIEC chairman also stated that the basis for the adoption of the system was premised on the Electoral Act, 2022 which was passed by the National Assembly.

In his words, “OSSIEC Law, 2022 stipulated the presidential system for the local government poll in Osun State.

“That is what we will adopt for the local government election in Osun in 2025. The Electoral Act, 2022 will be complied with in totality. OSSIEC will not go against it.”

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Benon and Vamposs share rehearsal teaser videos




The much-awaited fifth episode of Tusker Malt Conversessions is about to drop, and oh boy, it’s going to be a musical rollercoaster like no other!

The teaser videos that have been circulated on social media have left fans tapping their feet in anticipation as the dynamic duo, Benon and Vamposs, gear up to deliver a heart-warming episode.

The teaser gives us a sneak peek into the rehearsals where Benon, with his signature smile, promises fans, “just be ready for surprises, and I think people should expect a premium Benon & Vamposs.”

These two maestros have been instrumental in shaping the Ugandan music scene, and now they’re back to spill the beans on their journey, success, and maybe a bit of their infamous banter.

“The creative process has been hectic; we still have the chemistry, and I think it’s something that comes from performing together for a long time and the many years we have crafted our art…,” reveals Benon in the teaser.

But it’s not all serious. Vamposs can be heard poking fun at Benon’s love life, adding a dash of humour to the mix. “I don’t see where you even got this love that you are writing about except lying to this crowd,” he jokes.

On a more sombre note, Vamposs shares, “We have a lot of different stories. We are working with the band to see how mellow we can get. It’s not going to be all that rough,” hinting at a different stage presence which will be more intimate in comparison to their usual vibrant performances.

Music lovers should save the date; Sunday, March 3. The fifth episode of Tusker Malt Conversessions featuring Benon & Vamposs will be live on the Tusker Malt and Swangz Avenue YouTube channel at 6 pm. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness the magic, the music, and the memories.

You can also catch up on previous episodes featuring the likes of Kenneth Mugabi, Lilian Mbabazi, The Mith, and Juliana both YouTube pages.

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Ronald Mayinja reveals the inspiration behind his classic song “Necklace”




Renowned Ugandan singer Ronald Mayinja has shared the story behind his popular song “Necklace.” Born in 1976 in Benja-Gomba, Ronald Mayinja has produced numerous hit songs throughout his career.

Necklace, in particular, has remained one of the favourites among fans, especially those in love. At a press conference for his upcoming concert Old is Gold Mayinja at 49, the singer disclosed that the inspiration for the song came from his girlfriend Julie.

Julie, who attended boarding school while Mayinja was in day school, sparked his fears of losing her to someone else. He penned down “Necklace” as a request for her to entrust her necklace to him to cherish in her absence.

However, after receiving advice from Mariam Ndagire, Mayinja decided to make the song more relatable by expanding its meaning beyond his personal experience.

He hence created a song that resonated with anyone who has ever been in a long-distance relationship or felt the ache of missing someone they love.

He crafted lyrics that painted a vivid picture of two souls yearning for each other’s presence, using the metaphor of a necklace to symbolize the connection they shared.

Over the years, “Necklace” has remained a timeless classic in Ugandan music. Its universal theme and emotional resonance have allowed it to transcend time and continue to touch the hearts of listeners, regardless of age or background.

Mayinja’s decision to expand the song’s scope and make it relatable to a wider audience proved to be a stroke of genius, cementing his status as a celebrated veteran musician in Uganda.

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